Horse riding arena in galvanised steel 20,6x42x5m

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Don't choose between quality and price! This 42m long metal building in kit form offers you the essentials for a quality riding arena adapted to your tight budget! Featuring a hot-dipped galvanised High Strength Steel structure and a reinforced 5-wave sheet metal roof, this very robust and long-lasting building offers an incomparable lifespan while remaining affordable. Discover the benefits and options available for this building in the description below!

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building area 865m²
Width 20,6m
Length 42m
Type of slope Double slope (16%)
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  • building area : 865m²
  • Type of slope : Double slope (16%)
  • Width : 20,6m
  • Length : 42m
  • Height : 5m
  • Type of roofing : 0.63mm, 1st choice, 5 reinforced wave lacquered sheets, with draining condensation controller. Colour can be chosen from our RAL colour chart.
  • Type of cladding : Optional
  • Guttering : Galvanised interlocking gutters. Exclusive model: prevents corrosion and facilitates the installation of eventual cladding
  • Purlins : Galvanized C-shaped purlins 180mm
  • Side Bracing : Included
  • Ridge : Extra-large rigid tide
  • Bolts and fasteners : Included
  • Column section : Ɪ 360mm
  • Rafter section : Ɪ 330mm
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The strengths of this building :

Robustness and strength

  • Sturdiness of the Ɪ profile structure thanks to the High Resistance Steel, processes and materials used in the construction of ambitious buildings of great dimensions and heights
  • Strength of the roof made of 1st choice 5-wave reinforced sheet metal, a unique sheet metal wave pattern for 8% more strength than conventional sheet metal
  • Optimal roof support thanks to C180mm purlins, 9% stronger than the C160mm purlins usually offered on the market

Economy and durability thanks to hot-dip galvanisation
  • Protection of the structure and steel elements from the effects of temperature variations thanks to the rustproofing action on the metal frame and elements
  • No maintenance costs on a very long term basins, unlike a painted structure that requires regular touch-ups or a maintenance-intensive wooden frame

Efficient water drainage
  • Inter-locking gutter for controlled drainage of rainwater, resulting in a homogeneous and flexible floor under the arena

Healthy atmosphere thanks to our draining condensation regulator (absorption of up to 500g of water per m²)
  • Ideal sanitary environment for animals and horse riding

Manufacturer's warranties and tax-free billing
  • Manufacturer's warranties included with the German HDI Gerling insurance
  • Eurocode compliant building
  • Save cash by not paying VAT (for professionals, subject to eligibility)

The best value for money
  • Budget focused on your needs: only spend on the essentials!
  • 20 years of expertise and hundreds of customers testify that our prices are the most competitive on the market


Possible options:
Customise your building according to your needs:

  • Improve acoustic comfort for animals by choosing a fibrocement roof
  • Save energy by letting in natural light with our translucent sheets and sadwich panels
  • Completely enclose your metal building with insulated or non-insultaed cladding
  • Benefit from a larger surface area by increasing the length with additionnal spans (5m or 6m)
  • Adapt the space to your activity by adding opening: sliding door, supporting beams for wide passage, etc.

    Prices exlude VAT and transport cost which will be indicated when you request a quote and provide your address.
Galvabat® range building, eligible for installation up to a maximum altitude of 260m.
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