High-Strength Steel

Steel building in assembly

We exclusively use high-strength steel for all our structures.

Stronger than the traditional soft steel used in IPE profiles (490MPa of breaking strength for high-resistance steel, instead of 340MPa for soft steel), it resists more charges and forces.

Using this high-strength steel, therefore, gives us the possibility to offer you new generation steel constructions: the welded reconstituted profiles (WRP). They are widely used in the most important steel constructions around the world such as airports, parking, stadiums, etc. the “I” profiles in WRP are made of 3 high-strength steel plates welded continuously with a robot on an automated welding bench. Thus the welding is completed and controlled through an ultrasonic system. The profiles are hot-dip galvanised.

* Resistance simulation proceeded between the S235 (soft steel) and S355 (high-strength steel) by the University of Maine