Metal Sheeting with an exclusive reinforced profile + non condensation drop

Sight of a metal sheet

Our Metal Sheeting has an exclusive reinforced profile with a thickness of 63/100 (T-06+) and 75/100 (T-07+) and it includes an anti-condensation layer.

An exclusive reinforced wave profile

The special feature of our profile is the additional bending on every wave, which makes the sheets 8% stronger than normal profile sheeting with an identical thickness. Furthermore, all of our metal sheets are 1st choice and come with 5 waves.

The anti-condensation layer, an efficient draining material

Our roof metal sheets are designed with a built-in anti-condensation layer. Usually, normal sheets are made to simply reject the humidity, with the risk of droppings inside the building or the appearance of moisture on the walls.

In such cases, the anti-condensation layer can absorb up to 500g of water per square meter (per reminder, the average absorption observed on the market is around 450g/sqm) and drains it directly in the gutters. This technology is perfectly adapted to non-ventilated halls (valid for opened and closed buildings as well).