Free hot dip galvanization

Parts of a galvanized building

Our standard ranges, as well as our tailor-made steel buildings, are offered with free hot-dip galvanization.

This anti-rust treatment is currently the best protection for the steel frame buildings. It increases the resistance of the ma terial to rust to minimum 80 years even in tough climate conditions, and more than 100 years in lowlands.

We also offer a non-galvanized range that is shot-blasted prior to being painted, though this does not offer an ageing process as effective as galvanization.

Prior to galvanization, the steel frame is cleaned by being dipped in several baths. After this step, the hot-dip galvanization is done by immersing the steel in a 450°C molten zinc bath.

The building is therefore protected against rust for a long time, even in case of scratches and means there is no need for further investments relating to painting or the maintenance of the building.