Exclusive galvanised inter-locking gutters

To solve the problem of rusted gutters or to make the assembling of the cladding framework easier, we have developed a new type of gutters: the interlocked gutters.

This 100% galvanised gutters model (registered) is fixed in a male-female system. Owing to the fact that there’s no welding after the galvanisation, this anti-rust protection is therefore preserved. As a matter of fact the welded models always damage the galvanisation and reduce the life cycle of the structure.

Moreover, owing to its stamping system, the bolting is avoided. This is also an asset for the assembling of the cladding sheet as it is therefore inserted into the gutters’ corner.

This exclusive technique, offered only by Easyhalls.com, is a revolutionary innovation in the field of gutters. They keep a perfect tightness and can even be used as a container.

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