Ridge tile fastened on the purlin

Ridge tile

At the top of the building, the junction between the 2 slopes is done with extra-large ridge tiles. They offer the best waterproofness to the building.

Their size, wider on our buildings, reduce the wind effect and the risk of stripping, therefore. In compliance with the French DTU construction norms, they are fastened directly on the ridge tile purlins and on the wave of the steel sheet with the auto-drill screws (included in the kit building).

Apart from the extra-large ridge tiles, we can also offer 2 different types of ridge tiles: notched or ventilated. The notched ridge is made to perfectly adhere to the steel sheet waves in order to improve the waterproofness: this is mostly recommended for sandwich panel roofs or for industrial buildings.

The ventilated ridge is rather a top-quality steel sheet with a complex bending in order to ventilate a building accordingly. This is recommended for animals housing or livestock projects in general.