Receiving a bridge crane or a hay crane inside my building?

Bridge crane in an industrial building

As a craftsman, a farmer, or a business owner, do you need a convenient solution to lift heavy loads?

Please notice that if you opt for, you can receive a crane or a hay crane in your building to organize your storage, manage your production flow or move your round bales conveniently! 

We can provide the raceway that will be directly integrated into the steel structure. 

We adapt the resistance of your building so that it can bear additional heavy loads. 

If you want to opt for the installation of a bridge crane or hay crane, we will ask you for the following information in order to establish a quote matching your needs and the applicable standards:

  • The weight of the bridge crane or the hay crane excluding the payload
  • The payload of the bridge lift, in other words, the loading capacity of the bridge, as mentioned by the manufacturer
  • Its position inside the building, for instance, the complete length, part of the length, etc.
  • The hook height; for instance, the lift height, and the storage height

As specialists in steel structures, our proven experience allows us to handle double bridge cranes on a unique raceway.

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