Possible options for my custom building

Our standard dimensions do not meet exactly your project needs. We also manufacture custom buildings! As specialists in steel buildings in kit shape, we provide you with custom buildings entirely personalized steel sheds depending on your needs!

The height, width, and slope percentage of your building are elements that are fully adaptable to your project. While we are used to providing standardized spans of 5m and 6m,  we can multiply or combine them in order to reach the desired length. Thanks to our technical mastery, we can provide supporting beams to guarantee wide passages of 10m or 12m, an ideal option for the passage of working machines, for instance.

We size your building thanks to various options. You can notably choose a structure:


  • Adapted to the installation of photovoltaic panels
  • Isolated
  • Sized to receive feed fences, kick protections and adapted for a future wooden cladding

Our custom steel buildings can come with:


  • A parapet for a cubic look
  • A mezzanine
  •  Skylights or smoke extractors (like skydomes)
  • A zenithal vault
  • A roof or cladding structure adapted to receive sandwich panels or rock wool
  • Apertures like a sectional door, a metal curtain, windows, a service door, a panic door, etc.
  • A lean-to or a canopy (also a reversed one)
  • A reinforced sizing to receive a bridge crane or hay crane
  • With a raceway

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