A structure adapted to the installation of photovoltaic panels?

Start producing clean energy by installing photovoltaic panels on your building! Our steel shed structures adapt for this use case!

Today, renewable energies are at the heart of the debates. We know that many future building owners want to start producing clean energy with the installation of solar panels. To meet this very specific need, we offer you structures adapted to the reception of panels.

Our solutions

As part of a solar panel installation project, it is possible:


  • To include your panels into the structure has therefore a double function: covering the roof and producing electricity. In this case, you only pay for the essentials: a quality metal frame, without its roof.
  • Whether your panels are simply placed on your roof sheets or sandwich panels. In this case, our reinforced 5-wave sheet profile is perfectly adapted to welcome the fixing rails of your photovoltaic panels.


In both cases, you are guaranteed to benefit from our technical expertise in supporting your ecological project.

To ensure a suitable structure, particularly in terms of static load (i.e. weight per square meter), our internal design office carries out, for you, the resistance calculations necessary for the installation of your panels. . These calculations are made during the costing of your project and are therefore not subject to additional costs.

No matter if you choose a two-slope, a single-slope building, or even a lean-to or a simple awning, with or without a steep slope, our proven expertise guarantees the success of your project.

Beyond the resistance calculations, we guarantee you a building adapted to the climatic constraints of your location: in the plains, in the mountains, or by the sea.