Galvanized building 16,60x24x5m with 4m canopy

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400m² building with 4m canopy, robust, easy to assemble, economical and durable thanks to its hot-dip galvanized High Resistance Steel structure! Ideal to shelter your industrial or agricultural production. Find the strong points of this building as well as the possible options below!

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building area 400m²
Width 16,6m + canopy 4m
Length 24m
Type of slope Double slope (16%)
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  • building area : 400m²
  • Type of slope : Double slope (16%)
  • Width : 16,6m + canopy 4m
  • Length : 24m
  • Height : 5m (bottom of slope)
  • Type of roofing : 0.63mm, 1st choice, 5 reinforced wave lacquered sheets, with draining condensation controller. Colour can be chosen from our RAL colour chart.
  • Type of cladding : Optional
  • Guttering : Design copyrighted galvanized rain gutters included
  • Purlins : Galvanized C-shaped purlins 180mm
  • Side Bracing : Included
  • Ridge : Extra-large rigid tide
  • Bolts and fasteners : Included
  • Column section : Ɪ 270mm
  • Rafter section : Ɪ 270mm
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Robustness and resistance

  • Structure in Ɪ PRS in High-Strength Steel, used in the construction of buildings of important dimensions and heights
  • Roofing made of 1st choice 5-wave reinforced sheet metal, a unique model of sheet metal for 8% more resistance than conventional sheet metal
  • Optimal support of the roof thanks to C180mm purlins that are 9% stronger than the C160mm purlins usually offered on the market

Economy and durability thanks to the anti-corrosion action of hot-dip galvanization
  • Frame and steel elements preserved from rust for many years
  • No maintenance costs over the very long term, unlike a painted structure that requires additional coats and regular touch-ups

Healthy atmosphere thanks to our draining condensation regulator (absorption up to 500g/m²)
  • Elimination of the risk of mold on goods stored in an industrial warehouse
  • Ideal sanitary environment for cattle, sheep, goat and pig farming

Optimized drainage of rainwater
Additional covered area
  • 4m canopy to optimize space inside the building, ideal for parking your vehicles

Easy delivery and assembly
  • Building kit delivered with assembly plans to the address of your choice or to the nearest port
  • Easy to assemble with a forklift and a few tools, even without technical knowledge thanks to the pre-drilled structure

Manufacturer's insurance and tax-free billing
The best value for money on the market
  • Your budget is focused on your primary need: you only spend on the essential
  • 20 years of expertise and hundreds of customers testify that our prices are the most competitive on the market.


Possible options
You have the possibility to customize your building according to your needs:

Cladding: fence your metal building
Additional 5 and 6m spans: increase the surface area and length of the building
Canopies: add an additional canopy to further increase the covered area
Insulation with our sandwich panels: eliminate temperature differences to benefit from a comfortable work space.
Translucent sheets, smoke vents, zenithal vault: let in natural light to save energy
Openings: adapt the space to your business (animal traffic, product flow): sliding door, sectional door, metal curtain, windows or a supporting beam
Mezzanine: increase the usable area of your building and create independent spaces
Overhead crane or a feed claw: we adapt the resistance of the building and provide you with a runway


The prices indicated are exclusive of taxes and exclude the cost of transport. These costs will be communicated to you at the time of your request for estimate and on indication of your address
Building from the Galvabat® range, eligible for installation up to a maximum altitude of 260m only.
Photos are not contractual.

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