Enclosed and insulated industrial building with parapet 20,6x30x6m

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Our industrial building in kit of 620m² is provided with a PRS structure of High Resistance Steel hot-dip galvanized and is insulated with 40mm and 1st choice panels ! Equipped with a parapet, a sectional door, a gate and a window, this complete building is ideal for a manufacturing activity!

118 913€
in course of supply
building area 620m²
Width 20,6m
Length 30m
Type of slope Double slope (16%)
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  • building area : 620m²
  • Type of slope : Double slope (16%)
  • Width : 20,6m
  • Length : 30m
  • Height : 6m (lower slope), 8,24m on top of the parapet
  • Type of roofing : 40mm insluated sandwich panels
  • Type of cladding : 40mm insluated sandwich panels, vertical installation, visible fasteners
  • Guttering : Welded, hot-dip galvanized, high flow discharge gutters
  • Purlins : Galvanized C-shaped purlins 180mm
  • Side Bracing : Included
  • Ridge : Extra wide notched ridge fixed on purlins + sub-ridge
  • Bolts and fasteners : Included
  • Column section : Ɪ360mm
  • Rafter section : Ɪ300mm
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Industrial building by easysteelsheds.com, with standard dimensions of 20,6x30x6mm, ideal for production unit and storage area.

The product’s strength:

  • Hot-dip galvanized structure in high-strength steel with Ɪ sections
  • Insulated roofing and cladding in 40mm 1st choice sandwich panels
  • Roof edges, closers and corner joints included
  • Extra wide notched ridge fixed on purlins + sub-ridge
  • Galvanized C-shaped purlins 180mm
  • Welded, hot-dip galvanized, high flow discharge gutters
  • Bolts and fasteners included
  • 4x4m insulated manual sectional door in 40mm sandwich panels with galvanized frame
  • Gate (0,9x2,1m) and window (1x1m) with galvanized frames
  • Easy assembly

You can adapt and expand your building according to the needs of your activity and your budget.

Available options for this product:
  • Openings of different types, sizes and equipment (motorization of sectional doors, electric roller shutters integrated in windows, etc.)
  • Reinforcement to receive a floor, total or partial or an overhead crane
  • Smoke vent in roofing
  • Overhead vault (with or without sash)
  • Stability gantry
  • Lean-to 
  • Awnings

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