MR. Durupt - agricultural shed for dairy cattle

For my farming business, I needed a building to house my dairy cows. was able to meet my demand.

Mr. Durupt
Dairy cow farmer

Mr Durupt, a dairy farmer in France, needed a building that was both suited to the constraints of his business and to his tight budget.

He entrusted us with the purchase of a tailor-made agricultural shed of over 1000m², measuring 23.50x45x4.50m, fitted with a load-bearing beam offering him a free passage of 10m.

Equipped with wooden cladding, a runway and a supporting beam offering a free passage of 10m, our client's building is totally adapted to his agricultural activity of breeding.

In order to offer his animals a pleasant environment, Mr Durupt opted for a roof with 10% translucent sheets and a condensation regulator.

As our customer is located at an altitude of 540m, we supplied him with a building adapted to the snow load of his area, with a 26% roof slope, reinforced column and rafter sections (Ɪ 500mm and Ɪ 450mm)

After his purchase and the assembly of his shed, our customer testifies:

For my farming activity, I needed a building to house my dairy cows. was able to meet my demand.

Indeed, it is a custom-made building with a pit. I had one of the posts removed so that I could have a 10 m passageway to access the manure room.

I chose because of all the quotes I got, it was the best value for money.

Everything went smoothly from ordering to delivery. I would recommend you.

Mr. Durupt
Dairy cow farmer
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