Industrial buildings in Guyana

Satisfied with the buildings: optimum quality, hot-dip galvanization, métal sheets; and sandwich panels of great quality. I recommend

M. Bellemare
Entrepreneur, French Guyana

Mr. Bellemare, an industrial company manager, called twice on our teams for his metal building construction projects in French Guyana.

Our client initially ordered his first building (20.60x48x6m). Satisfied by the quality of our metal frames; and by the quality of our services, our client decided to place another order at to provide him with more than 6200m² of buildings as part of an ambitious project to develop his activities.

Our client's industrial buildings are equipped with 60mm thick sandwich panels (insulated sheet metal) and tropicalised closures, allowing them to benefit from optimal insulation and waterproofing in this tropical region. Mr Bellemare's need for practical and ergonomic spaces to facilitate the entry and exit of goods led him to opt for several openings. For each building, we provided him with 2 metal curtains, 1 double door, 1 window, and a ventilation grille. Finally, in order to optimise the usable surface area of his building, our client opted for 1 mezzanine of 6x6m per building, with a 75/100th sheet metal collaborative tray.

Today, Mr. Bellemarre is one of our great customer references in Guyana.

If you have a steel shed project in French Guiana or anywhere across Europe & Africa, the team will advise and assist you in order to make it a reality. you won't find cheaper else where.

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