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Accueil » PROMOTIONAL OFFERS : Galva Buildings at low prices !

PROMOTIONAL OFFERS : Galva Buildings at low prices !

Our agricultural and industrial buildings :

bâtiment agricole galva : 300m² = 8 990€
bâtiment industriel galva : 500m² = 25 037€*
bâtiment industriel galva fermé: 400m² = 52 508€*
bâtiment agricole galva : 1000m² = 32 900€*

Our company and our services

Our concept - buildings that are robust, functional, easy to erect and have limited budgets -  is the result of the reflections of field men and calculation technicians.  Benefiting from more than 15 years of experience throughout the world, our teams are made up of confirmed experts who will guide you step by step. We ensure the best quality-price-safety ratio thanks to the excellent quality of the materials used and our business expertise.

Our customers use our 1st choice metal buildings for a variety of uses: industrial building, agricultural shed, animal housing, logistics or storage warehouse, commercial premises, factory and production workshop, aircraft hangar, etc.

For time and cost optimization, our group also offers buildings and shelters in stock, allowing a steel construction to be available quickly.

*Price ex-VAT excl. In discounted kit, location in V2NA2 area; 260m altitude, mounting price on request for France, Luxembourg and Belgium, within the limit of the allocated parts. Except for errors or omissions, non-contractual photos.



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