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  • A) Insurance

    • I wish to benefit from the best insurance conditions for my purchase of a kit building.

      Our company is registered at the Luxembourg Chamber of Skilled Craft (Registration Number: 42986-1 STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS). 
      Because our customers want the best insurance coverage for their purchases of kit buildings provides customers with manufacturer warranty from one of the world's leading players in this sector: HDI Gerling. You can read more here.
      HDI Gerling Insurance


    • What are your references?

      →Our customers include large companies from Industry and Service sectors.

      → Our customers come from different and various sectors, watch their testimonies in video.

  • B) Video tutorial for building assembly

    • How are the buildings constructed?

      How are the buildings constructed?

      You can either opt for an assembly by yourself (bolting and screwing system intuitive), or for assembly by one of our partners, with decennial guarantee Some have more than 30 years of experience!

      Our buildings have, as standard, an additional length of posts to be embedded in concrete dice *.

      40cm of post length are built-in for the Galvastandard®, Galvastrong®, IndustryL®, and IndustryXL® ranges. 50cm of posts are to be built into the TRADIFORT® range. NB: The sprockets must be 40 cm deep into the concrete.

      * For specific requests, or on-measurements, it is possible that your building is supplied with an articulated lashing principle.


      How the kit building is assembled?

      The buildings we sell are in kit, and can be assembled by the customer easily. Our buildings are very simple to assemble, whatever your profession (farmers, craftsmen, industrialists, etc). Otherwise, if you wish, we can connect our customers with partner fitters. Please contact us in this case. 

      NEW !

      Our technical team is ready to answer your questions, even directly when you are on the job site. You can now easily view the editing video of our metal frames.

      → Assembly of the structure and cover:


      → Assembly of the cladding and its framework :

      NB: Depending on the type of buildings and the calculations, the dimensions of the base of the column and the type of fixings of the columns can be changed and reinforced.

  • C) Manufacturing quality

    • I would like to see your manufacturing quality

      Our metal structures are High strength steelhot dip galvanised without additional cost (Galvastandard®, Galvastrong®, Industry'L®, Industry'XL®).

      Do not hesitate to consult our specification sheet that explains all of our assets. 

      Discover the components of our kit buildings! Click on the "+" buttons to have a more precise view of each element. 


      Do not hesitate to consult our specification sheet that explains all of our assets.

      NEW !
      Our new anti-condensation layer is draining and absorbing! 
      Our new gutters (registered design) are more reliable and manufactured in France.
      We are already present in more than thirty different countries in the world with more than thirteen years of experience. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you with your building project.
      You can already watch some of our clients in video who talk about our steel-framed buildings.
      NEW !
      We sell sectional doors, metal shutters, PVC windows and panel doors. In this way, you can benefit from a more complete building with the same excellent price-quality ratio.
      We can also provide you with door and window frames, contact us to have a personalised offer.
  • D) Advice on the building and weather conditions’ respect

    • How to complete my order ?

      Once you have completed your quotation online, the next step is to contact us via phone: 00 352 26 311 898 or through our contact form mentioning your quotation number (Which can be found). After talking with one of our representatives, an order form will be sent to you, once this is signed and returned with a proof of the deposit we will commence the order. Please remember to specify your VAT number (in case you have one). Take a look at our video where we show you the steps that need to be followed in order to validate your order.


    • I need advice for my project, and wish to exchange ideas with an experienced professional.

      Our company, with more than 15 years of experience, and references in more than 50 differents countries and areas will guide you through the process of your project; whether it is :

      • - an agricultural shed,
      • - an industrial building,
      • - an equestrian arena,
      • - a storage warehouse,
      • - retail space,
      • - production workshop,
      • - a building dedicated to handcraft,
      • - a multipurpose building,…

      Contact our team which will provide you and your project with its expertise

  • E) Our team: would you like to meet them?

    • Do you want to meet us and arrange an appointment?

      If you want to go further than a phone call or an email, you might want to meet us face to face 

      We suggest you make an appointment so we can welcome you in our office, located in Strassen (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - Europe)

      Do not hesitate to call us, (00352) 20 20 10 30, or through our contact form.

      Otherwise, you still have the possibility to meet us in your region, during a Fair in 2019.

      Click on the orange pins to get more info about each exhibition (dates, location of our stand, etc.) :


Steel construction: Our assets

extra large ridge flashing

Ridge tile fastened on the purlin

At the top of the building, the junction between the 2 slopes is done with extra-large ridge tiles. They offer the best waterproofness to the building.

oversized gussets

Oversized gussets

In respect of construction norms, the gussets of your steel building are oversized for up to 20% of the roof truss length.

Steel shed

Free and simple quotation online

Do you have a steel shed project in mind? But it is still difficult to project it, even more, when you do not know how much will it cost you? That is why we recommend you to use our online module to request your quotation in our website.

anti sag tie

Hot-dip galvanized anti-sag tie

The anti-sag ties are assembled perpendicularly to purlins in order to constantly maintain the gap between them


Stability cross to improve the strength of your steel shed

The stability cross is needed to give support to your shed.


Installation of your building available by one of our partners

Sometimes it is advantageous to use a structural steelworker (expertise, lack of time, decennial warranty, etc.) to ensure the installation of its hangar as a kit.

Industrial buildings and agricultural sheds at the best price!

Strength of our sheds and value for money are some key concepts that position

Metal Sheeting with an exclusive reinforced profile + non condensation drop

We always offer top-quality galvanized metal sheets with 5 waves for cladding and roofing. Also included, is the anti-condensation layer, an efficient draining material.

hot dip galvanisation

Free hot dip galvanization

Our standard ranges, as well as our tailored-made steel buildings, are offered with free hot-dip galvanization.


Ex VAT invoicing

Thanks to the company’s situation in Luxembourg and in respect of the EU free trade Agreement, we are able to offer you an ex VAT invoicing (for professionals based in the EU, conditions may apply).

High Strength Steel

We exclusively use high-strength steel for all our structuresStronger than the traditional soft steel used in IPE profiles (490MPa of breaking strength for high-resistance steel, instead of 340MPa for soft steel), it resists to more charges and forces.


Pre-drilled head of columns

In order to make easy a future extension of your kit building (canopy, lean to, etc.), our stock buildings (12.60m, 16.60m and 20.60m large) have pre-drilled head of columns.

engineering department

Engineering department - Made in Luxembourg

All our steel buildings are made according to the area where it will be built. As a result, we count with an engineering department dedicated to the calculation and fabrication plans.

since 2001

More than 15 years of experience

Our company has been extending since its creation in 2001. Each year, we deliver more than 800 buildings in more than 40 countries around the world.


A tour in the factory and our logistic base!

From the manufacturing to the shipping of our steel sheds: Get behind the scenes! In this video, you will find more about the differents steps : steel cutting off process, pointing, welding, etc. Alll of our steel framed buildings are made of high strength steel; ɪ profil.

c purlin

C-shaped galvanized purlins with a strong inertia

For the roofing of your metal building, we offer C-shaped dip-hot galvanized purlins with a strong inertia and resistance

pre-drilled columns

Pre-drilled columns

On our standard ranges the pre-drilling of columns makes easy the assembling of the cladding framework while preserving the structure galvanisation as well.

hdi gerling


In order to offer the best warranty to our clients, we cooperate with one of the world leading insurance group: HDI Gerling.

Exclusive galvanised inter-locking gutters

To solve the problem of rusted gutters or to make easier the assembling of the cladding framework, we have developed a new type of gutters: the interlocked gutters.

zinc coated bolting

Zinc coated bolting

For all our kit buildings, we provide the necessary bolting for the assembling. In order to guarantee a quality product, the furnished bolting is coated.

affiliation chambre des métiers

Affiliated to the Luxembourg Chamber of Skilled Crafts

Since 2001, we commercialize steel sheds that are strong, functional, easy to assemble and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.