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Installation of your building available by one of our partners


Sometimes it is advantageous to use a structural steelworker (expertise, lack of time, decennial warranty, etc.) to ensure the installation of its hangar as a kit.


Building kit or assembled

During your metal frame control, you can make it come up with a ten-year guarantee, by one of our partners
Consult the editor

We can then act as an intermediary with one of our partner teams who are active on the French departments and Belgium

The strengths of our editing partners

By choosing to subscribe to the additional installation service, you have the advantage of benefiting from the attractive price of the building in kit while ensuring a quick realization of your project.

The strengths of our partners are:

  • A great experience (more than 30 years in the assembly for some)
  • The ten - year warranty
  • A complete service (assembly of the roofing, cladding, doors, etc.)
  • Low prices in line with our tight budgets
  • Compliance with the standards for metal framing


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