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Accueil » Steel construction: Our assets

Steel construction: Our assets

  • More than 15 years of experience

    since 2001
    Our company has been extending since its creation in 2001. Each year, we deliver more than 800 buildings in more than 40 countries around the world.

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  • A tour in the factory and our logistic base!

    From the manufacturing to the shipping of our steel sheds : get behind the scenes! In this video, you will find more about the differents steps : steel cutting off process, pointing, welding, etc. Alll of our steel framed buildings are made of high strength steel; ɪ profil.

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  • High Strength Steel

    high strength steel offers to our customers High Strength Steel for our halls structures.

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  • Free hot dip galvanization

    hot dip galvanisation
    Our standard ranges, as well as our tailored-made steel buildings, are offered with free hot-dip galvanization.

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  • Metal Sheeting with an exclusive reinforced profile + non condensation drop

    We always offer top-quality galvanized metal sheets with 5 waves for cladding and roofing. Also included, is the anti-condensation layer, an efficient draining material.

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  • C-shaped galvanized purlins with a strong inertia

    c purlin
    For the roofing of your metal building, we offer C-shaped dip-hot galvanized purlins with a strong inertia and resistance

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  • Exclusive galvanised inter-locking gutters

    Our galvanized inter-locking gutters, new generation - registred design, fit together (no more flange, burned-galva, or rusty solder) : quick and easy to  assembly.  Ideal solution to evacuate a large volume of water.
    Exclusive with !

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  • Oversized gussets

    oversized gussets
    In respect of construction norms, the gussets of your steel building are oversized for up to 20% of the roof truss length.

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  • Zinc coated bolting

    zinc coated bolting
    For all our kit buildings, we provide the necessary bolting for the assembling. In order to guarantee a quality product, the furnished bolting is coated.

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  • warranty

    hdi gerling
    In order to offer the best warranty to our clients, we cooperate with one of the world leading insurance group: HDI Gerling.

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